Zier Institute Reading Enrichment Program

For the Love of Reading and Academic Success!

Is it a struggle to get your child to read?

Do you find that reading homework takes longer that it needs to?

Reading can be therapeutic as well as boosting academic success at all ages!

Foster a love for reading with children of all ages and developmental levels with Zier Institute’s Reading Enrichment Program. Your child is guided through reading levels based on their individual abilities. Zier’s Reading Program for Kids is designed to help each child excel to their highest level and complement the curriculum of their individual classrooms, grade level and developmental differences.

Zier Institute is excited to introduce Reading Specialist, Gabrielle Doue. Gabrielle has been trained by the Institute of Reading Development and has supported over 200 readers.

Gabrielle was educated In Nebraska, Kansas and Costa Rica. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and spent 5 years working with kids at Munroe Meyer Camp Practice. Gabby is bi-lingual and excited to practice Spanish with ESL students or those students learning Spanish in school.

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